Everbuild Anti Climb Paint Black 5ltr



EVERBUILD ASBO ANTI-CLIMB PAINT is a non-drying, solvent free paint which remains slippery making climbing virtually impossible, deterring vandals, burglars and trespassers from climbing and entering private property and dangerous areas. Suitable for use on drain pipes, sills, walls, fences and other areas which may be used as a grip point.

ASBO ANTI-CLIMB PAINT will leave difficult to remove black marks on offenders’ hands or clothing making them easily identifiable by the police.


  • Slippery, non-drying finish.
  • Deters vandals, burglars & trespassers from entering property.
  • Marks skin and clothing.
  • Easy to use, one coat application.

Areas For Use

  • Drain pipes, sills, walls, fences and more.


  • EVERBUILD ASBO ANTI-CLIMB PAINT is not recommended for use on surfaces in areas which are subject to legitimate daily use.
  • DO NOT apply below a height of 2 metres to avoid accidental contact with persons or animals.
  • Warning notices should be visible to clearly identify the presence of ASBO ANTI-CLIMB PAINT.
  • Do not use near fishponds.
  • Do not empty into drains.
  • Remove splashes from skin using EVERBUILD MULTI-USE WONDER WIPES.
  • Do not use internally – for external use only.
  • As the manufacturer cannot know all the uses its products may be put to, it is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use.
  • If in doubt, contact Technical Services Department for advice.


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