Galvanised Staples Box 2500


Type: 53 (Galvanised)
Size: 6mm leg length.
Quantity: 2500.

For use with: Rapid R53, R153, R253, R353, R453, MS2.1, MS4.1, ALU610, ALU753, ALU853, ALU953, E100, ESN530, BTX530, PS101, PS6-16, M10R, M20, M30, M40, Eco Tacker, Hobby Tacker, Hobby Tacker Dual, Multitacker, Compacta, Hobby Electric.


Rapid No. 53 precision cut fine wire staples are made from high performance galvanised steel for strength and durability. The fine wire makes the fixed staple almost invisible, ideal for fabrics, decoration, small construction and light repair.


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