Rapid R153 Pro All Steel Tacker


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The Rapid All Steel Tackers are highly durable staple guns meeting the high demands of professional users. They are suitable for use on heavy fabrics, canvas, leather, paper and include the patented easy to squeeze 3-step force adjuster developed with a leading physiotherapist.

Save up to 40% of your effort on jobs with short to midsize staple lengths and turn up the power with a simple flip on the switch when required. Makes life easier whether you use it every day or every so often. Easy colour match system with compatible staples.

Made in Sweden and comes with by a 5 year guarantee.

The Rapid R153 PRO Staple Gun is a high quality, all steel staple gun for professional users, suitable for securing thin materials, like fabrics, paper and labels. Recoilless with noise damper and lock function for easy storage.

Compatible with Rapid No. 53 fine wire staples 4-8mm which are barely visible and have minimal effect on textile fibres, ideal for demanding jobs such as securing textiles, canvas, leather, posters, netting, labels, beading or frames. Easy colour match system with compatible staples and smooth functioning loading system.

Staples: No.53 Fine Wire Staples 4-8mm.


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