Reisser Csk Pozi Cutter Screw Yellow 6.0


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  • 25° degree point for immediate start
  • Two patented slots (25MM and above) which prevents splitting when screwing close to the edge
  • Lubricated, sharp, wide, deeper thread giving quick and easy penetration into all timbers
  • Re-enforced collar to prevent the head snapping
  • Distinct ribs and tucks to self countersink into all timber and board materials
  • Yellow tropicalized to give a superior rust resistance against standard BZP screws

6.0 x 50mm, 6.0 x 60mm, 6.0 x 80mm, 6.0 x 90mm, 6.0 x 100mm, 6.0 x 120mm, 6.0 x 150mm


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