Reisser Hss-g Twist Drill Bit



HSS Ground Drill Bits  can be used to drill iron, steel and other metals such as brass, copper and aluminum alloy. They can also be used to drill plastic.

A fully ground high speed jobber drill bit  with 5% cobalt content for additional resistance to heat. Optimised tip angle for drilling stainless and alloy steels.

They are ideal to use for metal, plastic and wood.


1.5mm x 40mm, 2.0mm x 49mm, 2.5mm x 57mm, 3.0mm x 61mm, 3.2mm x 65mm, 4.0mm x 75mm, 4.2mm x 75mm, 4.5mm x 80mm, 4.8mm x 86mm, 5.0mm x 86mm, 10.0mm x 133mm, 12mm x 151mm


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